COOKIES policy 

SHERLOCK® uses cookies

What are cookies?
Cookie is a short text file that sends web pages you visit to your Internet browser. They are stored either temporarily in the operating memory of your device that you use to view websites (session cookies) or persist on your hard drive (permanent cookies).
Cookie Web sites allow you to remember the information about your visit – preferred language, font size, and other settings. The next visit to the site can take place easier, faster without unnecessary delay and more efficient.

How we use cookies
On our site we use:
functional cookies, analytical cookies, cookies to improve website performance, and marketing cookies.
Functional cookies are essential and help ensure the basic functionality of our Web sites.

Analytical cookies are used to improve our website. They help us understand how visitors are using our site. We use Google Analytics with Search Console linking. Through these tools, we monitor visitors‘ activities on our website, their basic demographic data without storing personal data. The data we collect is anonymous and can not be attributed to a particular person.

Performance cookies expedite the processing of your requirements on our site and allow you to remember your preferences on the site.

We use marketing cookies on sites for the purpose of advertising. Cookies (third party cookies – Google AdWords) collect information to better customize the display of a so-called ‚remarketing‘ ad. Data collected through remarketing codes is anonymous and can not be attributed to a specific person.

Turn off Ad Customization in Google Account
If you do not agree to collecting marketing statistics using the Google AdWords remarketing code, you can disable data collection in the settings of your Google user account under Personal Information and Privacy – Ad Settings – Ad customization.
Note that by turning off ad customizations, the ad user will not shut down, but will not adapt to their online activities.

Turn off cookies

The main purpose of cookies is primarily to provide you with a comfortable browsing site on the Internet. Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default.
However, you can set your browser to refuse or require permission to accept cookies. Each browser is a little different, so please go to the Help / Help menu in your browser to see how to properly set up cookies.
Please be aware that when cookies are turned off, you may not always be able to view certain parts of the site, or some of our cookie-off services will not work properly.